Moroccan KAMA Hand-Painted Bathroom Sink

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Diameter: 40cm
Height: 16cm
Kama is installed as a drop-in sink
Pattern and finish of the sink are resistant to abrasion and fading.

This elegant large sink hand-made is made in the traditional Moroccan technique, famous for the richness of design and patterns as well as for the intensity of colours which are so characteristic of sunny Morocco. It will create a personal, individual style for your bathroom. 

Because each basin is handmade by a Moroccan artist, making each of them unique, the basin delivered to you may differ slightly from the bowl presented in the photograph.

The wash basin can be built into a vanity unit and the rim of the bowl sticks out over the counter top.

Perfect for bathroom or kitchen, our hand-painted sinks from Morocco are durable, unlike low grade mass production printed sinks which shortly after installation, often crack or lose paint.

This sink has a standard size drain hole.


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