Bamboo Bento Box Vessel Basin BATHROOM SINK

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Achieve an exotic look in your bathroom with Unique Sinks’ unusual, stunning bamboo vessel sinks. These can help create a rainforest or Asian feel, or simply as a beautiful timber basin. 


Consider the merits of this beautiful product with its eco credentials, and you couldn’t help but feel good about yourself every time you use it.

These sinks are made from fast-growing bamboo. When the bamboo is cut off to make these extraordinary bowls, the bamboo grows back making it the most sustainable product used to create bathroom products. The soft centre of the bamboo is removed and the hard exterior is then joined together and laminated to make it hard-wearing, durable and water-resistant. 

Care is easy with these sinks. Do not use abrasive cleaners, wipe with a soft cloth and occasionally apply a wax containing carnuba to maintain the rich lustre of the bamboo and to help remove hard water deposits.

43.2cm x 48.3cm, height 11.5cm  

Drain hole 45mm

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