Get this look with an artistic hand-crafted sink like DANA

DANA looks super-stylish in this rustic bathroom

Get this look with ADA

Set DANA amongst similar coloured tiles for an effortlessly stylish bathroom

DANA looks lovely as a feature on this bench top

IRMA bathroom sink suits the individual decor of this bathroom

Get the look with a hand-crafted sink from Unique Sinks

This rainforest green leaf sink adds a statement to this new sleek bathroom


This Mexican inspired bathroom uses Talavera tiles and
hand painted sinks to create a jazzy fresh look.
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The Rainforest Green Leaf Sink is a very stylish inclusion
in this warm tropical bathroom

These Cobalt Glass Sinks create a magnificent
focal point to this stylish bathroom.

The Cobalt Glass Sink has colour graduating from a blue 
to and aqua creating its dazzling and original look.

The Mexican Sink and cleverly matched tiles are colourful
but all of the patterns combine to create warmth.


This bathroom was designed around the Olive and Ochre
glass vessel basin. The wall colours and pattern plus the
stunning benchtop create a beautiful unified design.