Malachite vessel BATHROOM SINK

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The stunning stripes of this semi-precious stone have a most elegant, rich and vibrant colour. Said to absorb negative energies and to contain healing properties, this malachite sink will add that wow factor you will admire every day.

These sinks are made up of individual tiles of malachite adhered to a high-density glass bowl with super strength aerolite glue. This glue was originally designed for aircraft production and is water and heat resistant. The sinks are solidly sealed and coated so there is no risk of mould or dirt entering between the tiles. 

Made to order, these sinks take approximately 6 weeks for delivery.

Specifications: Measurement: 40.6 cm diameter, 12.5 cm height

PLEASE NOTE: Products will be shipped for free from Australia and should take less than 10 business days to arrive. Any VAT or duties associated with a purchase is the responsibility of the customer.


  • Sink rings for easy installation are included.
  • Easy to clean, just wipe after use. Avoid any granular cleaning products.
  • For safe delivery, these sinks are individually packed in shaped styrofoam inside cardboard boxes.
  • As hand crafted works of art, each vessel sink will have its own unique colour tones and variations and may not be exactly as shown in the photos.


How to Install a Vessel Sink

The mounting ring is made of 3 parts: A decorative chrome-plated ring and two rubber seals. The thin small one goes in a ridge on one side of the metal ring, and the larger one fits inside and covers the top side of the decorative ring. Carefully set the glass vessel sink on top of the mounting ring. Set the sink down gently aligning properly, lining it up with the hole for the installation of the drain.