Stunning Blue Agate vessel basin BATHROOM SINK

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Agate belongs to the quartz family, and is said to heave healing qualities. Agate's signature bands are mineral deposits layered in a circular pattern. This combination of igneous rock with silica deposits, found in groundwater, gives this semi-precious stone its trademark appearance.

These agate sinks are made up of individual pieces of agate adhered to a high-density glass bowl with super strength aerolite glue. This glue was originally designed for aircraft production and is water and heat resistant. The sinks are solidly sealed and coated so there is no risk of mould or dirt entering between the tiles. 

PLEASE NOTE: As this is a natural material, variations in colour will occur, so it may not match exactly with the photo!

Delivery: 2 weeks

Specifications: Measurement: 40 mm diameter x 15cm tall

Drain hole: 45mm

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