Tile Mural Small Town. Clay Talavera Tile Mural

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Size: 71cm x 91cm

This is a small town. Cows are peacefully grazing. It has to be early morning on a weekend day because there is nobody on the streets. The mountains are at the horizon. This Talavera tile mural is composed of 63 pieces: 35 the main picture, 24 side frame tiles, and 4 corner tiles. This Talavera tile mural will be a unique addition to your walls or any outdoors spot, fountain, or landscape with a Southwestern and/or Mexican/Spanish style.

This tile is handmade and fired to high temperatures to get a very solid and consistent piece of clay. This clay tile is just an example of the exquisite beauty the Mexican craftsmen put on each item they create. It is hand-painted, this means that no two tile murals are exactly alike! There might be small differences in size, weight and even the decorations.

Important Note: You will get the tiles in a box, the mural is not mounted to a board.