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When designing a new bathroom, there are multiple surfaces to consider: the walls, floor, vanity, mirror, doors, windows and ceiling. Choosing what to install can be baffling as there are so many surfaces in a small space. It can make the room appear small, or even cluttered if you choose too many colours and patterns. Modern style dictates clean uncluttered spaces, with walls often matching the floor to extend the space visually. Wall hung loos and vanities create visual space as well as make it much easier to clean.Let’s look at some colourful bathrooms that exemplify the modern style, but...

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Mineral pigments are set into a mold, and then the cement is poured on top. After this, the tile is hydraulically pressed and the tile is cured for about 3 weeks or so.  To watch a video of them being made, click here    

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Add a super-stylish Mexican bathroom sink for an unusual decor accent from Unique

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