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Spanish Floor Tiles

Once the tiles are placed, clean them using a brush and non-abrasive liquid soap, never with chemicals or lye. It is important to wait until the base and tiles are perfectly dry in order to avoid spots when applying treatment. The tiles need to breathe and all humidity must evaporate before the treatment can be applied (the evaporation of the water can leave white calcium deposits on the tiles, which will be removed when washing the tiles with soap). If there are still spots after cleaning, gently rub the tiles with sandpaper and water. 


a) Wax: Wax is traditionally used to protect the mosaic, to intensify its colors and give it a smooth, glossy finish. Initially, the liquid, colorless wax is applied over the tile, once it hardens, it is removed with water. This process will need to be repeated two or three times per month. 

b) Foam: This treatment protects the tile from water, oil, and other substances that can cause spots. This treatment is applied with a roller to uniformly cover the tile, without excess, with a fine layer of the foam-like substance. This is used to protect both the ground and the tile, without excess. 
c) Crystallization: This is the most comprehensive treatment. This hardens, protects, and polishes the mosaic tile. Its application is similar to that which is done with marble or terrazzo. It uses a polishing machine, steel wool, and magnesium silicate. We recommend professional application of this treatment. 

3. Tile Placement 

1- The placement of the tiles is simple and quick. For perfect execution it is necessary to place the tile on dry, level ground . Never place the tiles in wet cement. In addition, the base on which the tile will be placed should be completely dry, since any humidity will cause spots on the tiles.
2- Once the base for the tile is ready, you can begin to place the tiles. Dampen the tiles before placing them on the surface to assist with bonding to the cement base. 
3- The base for each tile will need to be manually made level, one by one without a hammer or other tools. We recommend using a lot of cement and using a rake to smooth it out. The smooth surface will improve adhesion and help avoid damaging the tile in the future. 
4- It is very important to have a perfectly level base and dampen the tiles, we cannot stress this enough, because after the tiles are placed it is not possible to change how they are positioned or to restore a polished look. 
5- The space in between tiles needs to be minimal, 1 mm, and this alignment should be consistent to obtain the look you expect. 
6- For grout in between tiles, we advise dampening the tiles, again, and using a very liquid cement. This liquid cement grout will fill in the spaces well. Apply the grout little by little, because it dries quickly. Also, use a lot of water to clean off any remnants of the grout on the tiles. 
7- Finally, cleaning the tiles and the grout is fundamental. Remove all excess cement and grout using sandpaper and water (number 600) to prevent spots on the tile.

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